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Organic. Fresh. Beautiful.

Every facial treatment we offer delivers extraordinary value. At the Organic Spa LLC there is no standard protocol other than I give your skin what it needs right now. No hidden fees. No surprise add-ons. No extra charges. Just high quality skincare customized for your unique skin.


  • Facial Organic Hydro Oxygen

    60 min $130, 90/$150

    This Signature Facial promotes and maintains clear, healthy, and glowing skin. Vibrant nourishing plant remedies are selected to gently cleanse, exfoliate, balance, and nourish both your skin and soul. The Herbal Peel is a natural way to renew and regenerate the skin, using the enzymes from fruits and vegetables along with other natural ingredients to get maximum results without the irritation.

  • Organic Facial Teen Acne

    60 min $95

    There are times when both your skin and your emotions are unbalanced, resulting in uneven skin tone, inflammation, acne or dehydration. Treatment facials share the same foundation with our Signature Facial with the addition of the special ingredients for the needs of your skin. A lesson on skin self-care is included with this session.

  • Collagen Mini Facial

    30 min $70

    This refreshing treatment is great for busy clients or people who have never tried a facial before. Cleanse. Steam. Exfoliation. Massage. Mask. Toner. Serum. Cream.

  • Back Facial

    60 min $140

    Yes, a facial for your back! The treatment is designed to eliminate muscle stress, ingrown hairs, and skin impurities. Cleanse. Steam. Exfoliation. Massage with hot stones. Mask. Lotion.

  • European Vitamin C Facial

    $135 / 60 minutes

  • Gentleman's  Facial

    60 min $115

  • Body Stress Release

    30 min $70

  • Tan Spray for Body/Face Organic

    30 min $50

  • Reflexology Foot

    30 min $40

  • Head and Upper Body Stress Relief

    30 min $70

  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy

    60 min $150

  • Indian head massage Champissage

    20 min $30

  • Massage.Facelift.

    30 min $70

  • Lymphatic drainage massage for Face

    30 min $70

Waxing & Eyelashes

  • Waxing Price List

    Eyebrows, lip, nose or chin $15

    Brow, lip, and chin $40
    Lip & Chin $30
    Cheeks $20

  • Tint eyebrows and eyelashes

    15 min $30

    Brows and Lashes tint. Non-toxic colors. Last up to 30 days. Finished with  nourishing serum for a final touch.

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